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    Answers To Common Questions

    Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone is achieving their full potential when it comes to creating their peak Spiritual Life, Optimal Health, Fulfilling Relationships & true Financial Freedom.

    “You were designed and created to be Successful!
    So why aren’t you achieving the level of success you are capable of?”

    A good Success Coach will work on both! It is difficult for your business to grow unless you are personally growing.

    Great question! First, research that coach. The Internet is a great place to start. Second, have a introductory session (I offer a complimentary session) to see if you are a good fit for each other. The most important factor in my opinion relates to congruency! Is that Success Coach practicing what they’re preaching?

    The goal of a Success Coach is to help you achieve more than you are currently doing now. If your goals include financial growth, this investment in coaching should have exponential returns to you!

    No. I like to use the analogy of someone in water. A Life Coach helps people that are under water get back to the surface so they can breathe. A Success Coach helps people at or above water take off into the atmosphere! Both play a vital role in the lives of their clients.

    A professional coach dedicated to seeing their clients get clear (identify) about what successes they want in life. Once identified, they assist in crafting a strategic plan with action steps on how to reach maximum achievement in regards to the desired results.

    Best question of all! My purpose in life is to inspire, empower and equip others to achieve everything they were designed to achieve! Since 1980, I have been studying successful people, businesses and principles in order to apply them into my life. I was the consummate underachiever throughout my younger years in school right up through my sophomore year in college. A major event in my life kicked me into high gear causing me to work harder than my peers to overcome my learning challenges. By the time I graduated from Chiropractic School, I was labeled the “Overachiever”. I certainly have made my fair share of mistakes and faced many significant challenges since. My passion and purpose drive me forward to achieve in life everything I was designed for! You shouldn’t hire any Success Coach that isn’t working harder than you are to improve.

    believe you are capable of so much more! The real question is why aren’t you financially free, experiencing optimal health, living in deep loving relationships and having a powerful spiritual walk. All of my clients, just like you, are capable of “greater achievement’. You are bright, talented and desiring more, however you might be unfocused, stuck and off track. Many, like you, need a success coach to help them get clear, unstuck and moving in the right direction.