Results or Excuses! Rule One of SUCCESS.

Results or Excuses“My wife is my biggest problem! She and I are not on the same page, she is always “nagging” me about being on the phone when I’m at home. She doesn’t understand I’m doing business, which pays the bills. She should be more appreciative and stop complaining.”

Does this sound familiar? I bet this happens daily in one way, shape or form in your life.

You and I are often guilty of making excuses of why we aren’t as happy, healthy, wealthy or spiritually congruent as we could or should be. The problem is simple, we find it easier to validate our shortcomings or failures by shifting the blame on someone or something else.

What’s the solution?

Consider shifting your focus on achieving the results you want instead of making excuses about why you aren’t getting them. “What you focus on, expands in your life”.

I have the honor and privilege of not only speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs around the US and Canada, I also get to work with business professionals on helping them achieve massive results in their personal and business lives. (Need someone to help you get accelerated results? Email me to set up a complimentary consult at

I’m amazed at how similar our experiences as humans are. It doesn’t matter what state, provence or country I’m in, what our religious background, political affiliation, ethnicity or race are, the challenges we face resemble.

I believe the start to getting better results is to begin by moving away from the destructive habit of excuses and blaming others, and accept responsibility for the situations you face. Next, apply the “Success Formula” I.T.A.R. and your results will shift to the direction you really want.

I.T.A.R is the formula I teach my students and clients. I’ll cover it in detail in our next discussion. In the meantime, what do you think I.T.A.R stands for? Put your comments below.





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