Negotiate like a PRO!

The following is a very short summary of a great book; “Getting to Yes” by Robert Fisher.

Like it or not, you are a negotiator. You and everybody you know negotiates every single day.

You might be finalizing a deal with a new client, working through a legal matter, or trying to get your kids to clean up after dinner.

The Problem – Negotiations Over Positions

Definition of Negotiation

  1. It should produce a wise agreement if agreement is possible.
    2. It should be efficient.
    3. It should improve or at least not damage the relationship between the parties.

Don’t argue over positions

Soft Position – A soft negotiator usually wants to avoid conflict, and is anxious to reach an agreement as quickly as possible.

Hard Position – A hard negotiator wants to win, and will do whatever it takes to get there. They usually take extreme positions, and are willing to hold out longer than soft negotiators do.

The hard approach usually dominates soft one. Soft negotiators are vulnerable to hard negotiators, and usually come out on the losing side.

There is a better way, and it’s called principled negotiation. It’s a way that is both hard and soft. Hard on the merits, and soft on the people.

There are 4 basic propositions:

  1. Separate the people from the problem;
    2. Focus on interests, not positions;
    3. Invent multiple options for mutual gain before deciding what to do.
    4. Insist that the result be based on some objective standard.

Negotiation is never easy, because almost nobody likes conflict. If you use your natural tendency to avoid conflict, you can find a better path to getting what you want while retaining a working relationship with the other side: principled negotiation.

Put it to work in every area of your life, and you’ll find yourself happier, and getting what you want more often. And we could all use a little more of that.

I strongly encourage you to read the book or listen to the audiobook to gain greater insight into negotiating like a pro.

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