How To Launch A Worldwide Movement: Unstoppable Christian!

Unstoppable Christian launches!

Three years ago (around mid 2012) I was challenged by a group of fellow business people at a mastermind I was attending, that I should take a new in with my business of coaching and speaking to the Christian audience (primarily Christian businesspeople).

Well, it took me several years to really grasp hold of the vision; they had way ahead of me.

I would finally begin to listen to the God and responding to that call in 2014. I decided to act on that advice and move a greater portion of my business into the Christian-based world. At that point, I had to go to work at figuring out the brand I would create to launch under.

I decided I would be teaching the same information, but now putting the biblical references associated, to it.

My challenge now was to come up with a brand that was powerful and could be easily remembered. I came up with “Unstoppable Christian”!

My initial desire was to move a portion of my coaching and speaking business, under this umbrella. My goal was to shift more of my business of speaking and business coaching to this platform

In February of 2015 I was meeting with a very good friend of mine (Ben) who was actually was at the original mastermind in 2012. I shared with Ben my decision to finally launch a portion of my business into the Christian Business world!

After lunch, Ben went home. Within the next hour I received a text from him stating, “I can’t stop thinking about this brand Unstoppable Christian, this is the biggest thing you’ve ever thought of; way bigger than you!” He flat out told me that I needed to reassess my vision.

Of course I was extraordinarily curious as to what he meant so I called him on the phone right away and we began a discussion (and I believe that it was God speaking through him to me) that my vision was to small!

Ben saw “Unstoppable Christian” as a MOVEMENT, a CAUSE that Christians all around the planet could gather around. It wasn’t just a book or business coaching, it was millions of like-minded people rallying around something to inspire and unite them. He described UC (Unstoppable Christian) Men’s Conferences, Women’s Conferences, Teen Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Concerts etc. He envisioned hundreds of thousands wearing T-Shirts, wrist bands and brandishing backpacks with the UC logo.
My response…not me! I didn’t want to change my lifestyle. I enjoyed traveling 15-20 times per year to speak and doing my coaching virtually from my computer.

This would be to large of a project, would interrupt my regular activities of going to the gym, spending time each day with my wife and my mother and doing the things I wanted to in between.

God had a different plan!

Each morning when I wake up I spend time in prayer, reading the Bible and devotionals. One day during my prayer time, I heard God speaking to me; Ron you always pray that you’re available for me willing to do whatever I ask. Are you willing to do whatever I ask and go where I call you go?

My answer was YES!

I was willing to be obedient and follow Him wherever he leads! I was reluctantly accepting the challenge, feeling I’m not equipped to handle all that will come.

I believe that God would not have called me to something this big when I was younger and more full of myself (understated). He waited for the time in life when I had outgrown those foolish ways (not to claim I’m impervious to fault). My daily prayer is to remain dependent on His provision and Grace!

At the present time, as I published his article, we are in the prelaunch phase. Ben continues to work advising me.

I was getting frustrated about how Unstoppable Christian was unfolding. There was so much to do and not enough time. Ben kept telling me to not worry, I wouldn’t have to do the heavy lifting, but I didn’t comprehend.

I was overwhelmed confused and not quite getting it then he told me “Dr. Ron you need to get a hold of “Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe. I immediately downloaded the book on and within three days had gone through it.

What an eye opener! I now was given a new paradigm on how UC would grow. God would direct and the community would do the work!

What a shift in thinking. Imagine the power, talent, gifting, prayer and resources that several million Christians would have when they are brought together and focused!

As we step out in faith, I see God at work. I’m excited to be a part of something so powerful. I need people who share our faith and want to be part of something bigger!

Please share this with those you know that want to join in. I am committed to providing you here with inspiring, empowering and equipping videos and articles that will enhance you personal and business life!

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