Annihilate Your Competition with Micro-Scripts

“If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”


Most business owners will practice their trade and make a good living. Some will build a business based on a solid, proven business operating system and make a fortune. Which will you be?


Your business is comprised of 3 major divisions.

  1. Marketing and Advertising – This brings in the business. The other two are dependent on this!
  2. Operations – Creating and delivering your product or services.
  3. Finance – Billing and collecting money along with dealing with people (HR)


In this article, we will address a critical component of marketing: Micro-Scripts


What’s a Micro-Script?

A Micro-Script is a message that people like to repeat, most often word-for-word, to inform or impress others. It will usually contain metaphors, vivid imagery or rhythmic sounds to paint a picture in the mind.


The 4 Rules of Micro-Scripts

  1. It’s What They Repeat

Frank Luntz, the Republican word man who taught the GOP to use language like Death-tax instead of Estate-tax, and “No child left behind” instead of “The Mandatory Punitive School Testing Law”, once said:

Schley (the author of “Micro-Scripts) takes this one step further and says that the most important thing is not what people hear, it’s what they want to repeat after they’ve heard you.

This is a big distinction. If you can create a marketing message that describes your Dominant Selling Idea, and that people want to repeat, you’ve hit the jackpot.


  1. The Word of Mouth Machine


Getting your message down to a simple, repeatable message that people spread to their network is the holy grail of marketing.


  1. What they want to repeat are Micro-Scripts

Have you ever heard “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?”

Just do a simple search of your favorite social media network for that phrase and you’ll realize that it’s alive and well, selling Las Vegas as the destination for when you want to get away from it all and let loose.


  1. Build Them on Dominant Selling Ideas

A Dominant Selling Idea is the one most unique, important and own-able advantage that you can claim that others don’t — your single, best, differentiating attribute. It’s brand positioning brought to its sharpest, most specific edge.

Safest car. The dentists #1 toothpaste. The working mans favorite beer. The fastest headache pill.

Here’s an example of a Dominant Selling Idea and its Micro-Script counterpart.

DSI: If the glove you found at the crime scene doesn’t belong to OJ Simpson, he must not be guilty.

Micro-Script: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.


The right 5 words will always beat 5,000.


Our brains are hardwired to be energy efficient and bypass the complicated to get to the simple!


Human beings do not consume your marketing message like you think they do. You present them in a boardroom to a captive audience who listens and obsesses over every word.

But your target market couldn’t care less.


Not only are they bombarded with thousands of other messages every single day, they are also in a rush and most likely stressed out about something going on in their lives.

And when things get tense and overwhelming for people, built in heuristics take over. We make snap judgments based on the smallest amount of data. We try and cut to the heart of the matter, even if we are off the mark by a country mile.


All to say that we have a bias against things being complicated. It’s why the sayings “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit”, and “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” are still being passed around today even though they were first said decades ago.

Remember: the idea that’s say-able is always more play-able.


Memorable example

 “It’s made from sugar so it tastes like sugar…”

Splenda used that Micro-Script to rocket to a 50% market share within three years of being introduced.

Even a successful lawsuit by their competitors banning them from making the claim about sugar didn’t make a dent in their rise to success.

Finding your Dominant Selling Idea


Splenda—the non-artificial low-calorie sweetener

Geox Shoes—The first shoes that have ventilation in the soles.

Geico—the car insurance that’s 15% cheaper.

But what you were probably thinking in your head were the Micro-Scripts that go along with those DSIs:

Splenda—made from sugar so it tastes like sugar

Geox—the shoes that breathe

Geico—15 minutes saves you 15%


Here are the five ingredients that those brands use to enable their proposition to be a Dominant Selling Idea:

It tells people you are:


  1. “Best at.” It says you are number one at something. The best (      ). The only one with ( ). The most (      ) , etc.
  2. Important. What you’re #1 in has to be something that matters.
  3. There has to be a unique, plausible reason why you claim the above that makes logical sense.
  4. Measurable. It must be specific and obvious in your performance.
  5. Own-able. Not already taken by somebody else.


The 4-step process to find your Micro-Scripts


  1. Hypothesize. — Pose Some Simple Questions

Usually, the basics are the key to the whole thing, and Micro-Scripts are no different.

Head out, and talk to as many stakeholders as you can. Ask them to tell you what your big idea is, in their own words.

Ask a lot of questions. Make sure to take copious notes.


  1. Plagiarize — Borrow the Already Proven from the Already Great Who are Already Around You


Use these great Micro-Scripts as templates to stimulate your unique script.


  1. Memorialize — Jot Down a Little Story; Let the Story Crystallize More Ideas

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, write down some stories about how your product or service makes the lives of the people who use it better.


  1. Synthesize—Collect the Pieces and Put Together Micro-Scripts



Create a Micro-Script that others will repeat. This message will produce a ROI far greater than you could ever imagine and save on marketing/advertising dollars.


The information comes from the book “Micro-Scripts Rules” by Bill Schley


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