10X Your Business Using “The Golden Circle”

10X your business with this powerful strategy!

The ultimate business success happens when you align WHAT you do with WHY you do it!

In 2009 Simon Sinek released his book “Start with WHY”. That same year he recorded a TED Talk about this subject witch was one on the top TED Talks in history.

In “Start with WHY” Simon describes the Golden Circle in detail. He draws a circle with WHY in the center, HOW in the second layer and WHAT on the outer circle.

He describes that most companies compete by telling us WHAT they do and HOW they do it. As a result their message must compete with a sea of other competitors telling us the same, making it difficult to get heard.

The companies (Like Apple Inc.) that talk about WHY they do what they do, always get heard and develop loyal tribes of followers and customers.

The reason for the tremendous success of those that talk about their WHY is rooted in biology. When we talk about the WHAT or the HOW, we are speaking to the Neo-cortex (outer brain) where higher thinking occurs. When we talk about our WHY, we connect to the deeper emotional brain (limbic areas).

Let me give you an example.

I used to market myself like this: I’m a doctor by background with three specialties and 30 plus years of business experience. I have owned and operated 4 successful businesses and I’m a certified WHY coach. I’ve been studying human behavior and helping others solve complex life and business problems for over 30 years. If you’re looking for the right business success coach, give me a call! My name is Dr. Ron Eccles.

I now say:

You were born to succeed! Designed to be financially free, crafted for a fit, more lean and healthier body, made to experience deep loving relationships and created for a powerful spiritual walk.

I believe you are capable of more. I believe you deserve bigger successes, more frequent successes and successes that last!

If you believe you’re capable of more and you’re ready for real growth that gets real results, then give me a call. My name is Dr. Ron Eccles.

Which of the two connects with you? I bet it’s the second because it taps into and stimulates the emotional areas of the brain which is where we make most of or decisions.

Consider expressing your WHY in all your marketing and I believe (when done correctly) you’ll see massive results. Results you’ll like!

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